Wednesday, 9 December 2009

More Tom Hunter

This is an extension to a previous post. here.

Ive re looked a Tom Hunter but couldn't find any reviews as such but found on his website some short essays and some descriptions about his work. He has described the images of the towerblocks as
"'the uncanny': that Freud-coined sensation whereby one feels, oddly enough, as if somebody had just left the room". From what I can gather, he creates scenes of everyday life. In the Towerblock example he creates scenes that show a past history of what might have happened while it was occupied. He uses the half closed doors as a metaphor for what information is out of reach of the viewer, so to create as sense of wonder in the scene. They are called empty towerblocks but they are only empty of people. The state of the room's show clues as to how they left the place. The empty room shows that they have moved out officially where as the cluttered room shows that the occupies may have been escaping in a hurry.

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