About Me

Hi, my interest in animation started in my spare time whilst still at school. I enjoyed making my own stop motion animations, mainly using Lego, and even using Microsoft Kid's 3D Movie Maker in Windows95, anyone remember that?!?!

After leaving school I enrolled in a 2 year college course on Interactive Design and Animation, which introduced me to Autodesk's Maya.

I went into this course originally wanting to learn more about stop motion animation and the overall design and filming process, with no real interest in learning a 3D package (far to complicated!) and came out the other end thoroughly hooked on 3D. I managed to complete the course with a distinction and was happily accepted into UCA Rochester with a place on their CG Arts and Animation course.

After almost three more years of study, I'm finding that I'm specialising in rigging as well as aspiring to be a animator. I find I also enjoy solving technical challenges by using MEL scripting which allows me to automate repetitive tasks and simplify character rigging. Amazingly during this time I've found my 2D skills have also improved, something I never thought possible!

I enjoy playing video games, mainly PC, from Worms to Lego Star Wars, but also board games too, like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. I'm still collecting and building Lego and one day will finish my Lego stop motion reconstruction of a Red Nose Day Doctor Who pastiche, an excerpt of which I used in my first demo reel!

If you're interested in contacting me then please email me at ...
ethan [@] aflockofpixels.com, thanks for looking!


Ethan Shilling
A Flock of Pixels