Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Empty Towerblock

I started today by looking at the recommended artists websites. Tom Hunter has a series of images called Empty Towerblock. As the name suggests there are no people in these images, just a room with things in it.

Here are two of them.

Both are the same design of room at more less the same camera angle but the two show different stories The seats in the second are new as they are wrapped in the packaging but the setting shows something that has been lived in and left in a mess. The first is more less empty as if it the people living there have been moved out for redecoration.

I also looked at the other artist as well.

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  1. Hi Ethan,

    In order to get the most from a project brief, you need to be much more 'welcoming' of other artists and new ideas; get some more work on your blog and try and broaden/deepen your critical response; try and avoid stating the obvious or making generic observations - I want you to unpack and unpick the work - so I want you to widen your research; if you post images of Tom Hunter's rooms, then try and find some critiques/reviews of his work to enrich your understanding of it. I know it doesn't yet come naturally to you, but you must spend more time with your creative development - more content, please Ethan - and more speculation; your creative development is vital to creating literate and interesting work - and is a big part of the assessment criteria too.