Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Stepford Wives 1975

Watched Stepford Wives (1975) today.
I looked at a couple of reviews which had completely different opinions. The was one review that was very negative and that it was "a knockoff of Invasion of the bodysnatchers" and also said that the women were better afterwards. That review came from Film Critic.com. Another from Film 4 was more positive calling it a "cult sci-fi feminist-propaganda horror flick". I thought it was a bit long and dragged in a few places but was alright. By the end of the film it had a completely different atmosphere. It started off in an ordinary average setting with everyday things going on but at the end it had change to a creepy dark film. what i don't understand is that they were killing the real wives and replacing them with robot wives but if they can create robots by didn't they just make robots that could do all the house work and keep the wives alive. That way they wouldn't have to spend ages trying to make a robot look like a human.

The clip from the Dead of Night was good. The fact we never see the dummie move or talk by itself was what kept the short
story interesting. It was particularly creepy when the dummie ended up the the other room as we might assume that it walked there by itself. It reminded me of Doctor Who, particularly when the dummie started arguing and appearing to have ideas of its own other than the ventriloquist's. There was a ventriloquist dummie in the Doctor Who episode The Talons of Weng Chiang, which definitely did come alive. Just looking at the information on that episode it actually says under the heading "Roots" that it was inspired from Dead of Night.

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  1. Ethan - great critical response to the two films - this is just the sort of cross-referencing that opens the discussion out and creates content for further discussion - well done! :-)