Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sketching out ideas

The past couple of days I have been
experimenting with camera angles and possible shapes for interiors to use. I haven't gone in depth into what might or might not be in the rooms yet. Although I have added a few random objects as an example of how it might look (other than that, they can be ignored).

Here are some digitally remastered sketches for optimum high definition viewing experience!!!

My first sketches were of an inside of a train. I was thinking that there could be all sorts of things left on a train which could be used to tell something. I have for the moment discarded this idea as it would probably be easier to make from a technical point of view compared to my other ideas. (ie a lot of duplicating seats etc) I want to aim higher, particularly as this is the first time CG has become the main part of the project.

Here are some sketches of some rooms and corridors. (ignore the random objects).

The first is just a simple square room. not much else I can say about it.

The second and third are of corridors and they
both have pathways going around a corner. (and yes, that is supposed to be a shadow of a Dalek in the corner with a hand on the floor.)

Here's a clearer sketch.

I've also been thinking about the angle of the horizon line for an outdoor scene.

The first one is concept art style. which shows a wide open view of space with low horizon line.

In the second view, it is slightly closer and with a high horizon line it limits the amount of information in the scene. (that's just my opinion anyway)

This sketch was inspired by a Doctor Who episode (I think I'm referencing Doctor Who too much). For those of you that watch it, it is the episode with the live scarecrows "The Family of Blood". At the end of the story he traps the aliens in different places. One of them is trapped (if I remember correctly) in the corner of your eye. So you might just catch a glimpse perhaps in a mirror or through a crack in a doorway. So this sketch is at an angle where most of the room is seen through a mirror, while at the same time, still hiding a lot from view. In order to draw the sketch correctly I modeled a quick (very quickly) a simple box room with a door opening and a window opening and add a mirror as well. The render is very basic but it showed all I needed for a a sketch.

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  1. These sketches are much clearer to see now Ethan - I approve of the digital remastering!!