Thursday, 6 October 2011


As some may have gathered, my blog has been inactive recently. I've been spending a lot more of my time working on my dissertation, so there has been little to show in terms of project work. Although very soon I shall be posting an animatic for the animation, but at its current stage, it doesn't actually make any sense. Missing boards, no sound effects and music make it only watchable to me and the rest of the team. We are running about a week behind schedule due to needing to spend a little more time on the story, however we are all confident that we can catch up. Next week we aim to get started on production, while also finishing off whats left of pre production.
Although I have had less input in pre production artistically, I have done my best to keep the project on track (being the time manager!) and as some may know, my dedication to the story hasn't gone unnoticed! Although the last couple of weeks I have been trying to be more open to other ideas and have been seeing how things pan out.

Once production is underway, I imagine this blog becoming more active and as soon as we have our first draft animatic, you can be sure it will be posted here first!


  1. Hi Ethan - just google 'ellen ripley feminism', 'ellen ripley gender stereotypes' and 'ellen ripley [insert key term]' and you'll find hordes of related stuff that deals with 'women in sci-fi' - though if you broaden that to include 'the female in sci-fi' then Aliens (the movie) becomes doubly interesting because of the way it deals with maternal instinct.

  2. more specifically, see: