Friday, 14 October 2011

Atom Pancakes - Props

The animatic is almost ready, so just a little bit longer to wait! At the moment the sound is being added so hopefully it's going to be uploaded by the end of the day. Meanwhile I've been modelling some props!

First we have the lamp. This is finished apart from organising the uv's onto the map area, but it is unfolded!

This is what it looks like from the back.

and under the light. (the bulb isn't exactly fixed to anything but no ones going to be looking there!)

Here is the switch for it.

and some clean beveling.

and another fancy connection.

and amongst all this greyness, a nice clean blueish render. All it needs are textures and shaders.

Then we have the glass and bottle. Both finished, but need to be uv mapped.

The pencil sharpener is a work in progress.

Not sure about the side bits though. hmm.

Then we have an alien battle fleet!

Actually they are the buttons to this typewriter.

Again, this is another work in progress. I've stopped working on it for a while because I was unsure of how to model the complex mechanics on top. However since then I have found even more useful references, which should hopefully make the process easier.

Of course our typewriter doesn't need to be quite as complex as this, but at the same time, it needs to be fairly realistic. At least its not necessary to model and rig the complete mechanics of the typewriter. That would be a nightmare!

Ruben is going to start modelling the character tomorrow so, it wont be long before I'm rigging that!

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