Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Atom Pancakes - Typewriter Progress

While writing my dissertation, and working on an animatic, the typewriter has been slowly coming together. This has got to be one of the most complicated things I've ever modeled! Anyway, here is are a few sneak previews of what to expect when its finished.

Since this image was rendered, the proportions have slightly changed, but it does give a good impression of what it will look like. The middle section, (one of the most complicated parts) has been modeled separately, and then attached to the rest of the typewriter. Having done that, I realised that I should have modeled the middle bit first as I then had to tweak the main structure to house the middle bit, which couldn't be changed as that part was functioning correctly.

and here is a close up of the mid section.

Notice the many keys that are centered around the ribbon that is suspended in the middle. (not that the ribbon goes anywhere at the moment) Well, as you will see in the next image, the letter blocks have been added and rotated so that when the keys rotate to the center, the block always hit the ribbon upright, and unfortunately for me, the long metal bits had to be manually bent to the position of the blocks one by one!

I had to spend hours looking at so many typewriters before I fully understood the mechanics of the mid section, and only then could I have modeled this, but it was well worth it. I just need to keep seeing where things can be simplified, but remain functional, while adding small amounts of details, like the screws. I'm aiming to get this finished by the end of Friday so once the typewriter is finished, I will be in charge of rigging the character.

I may as well post these too.

The books!

and a filing cabinet.

Later this week all the props will be uploaded to the Atom Pancakes blog with wire-frames and uv's.

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