Friday, 23 September 2011

Begin Year Three - Self Initiated Project

It's Friday of the first week of uni, but it really doesn't feel like it. and why?
I've been working as part of a team for my first project during the summer holidays! Yep, I'm working in a group again, and we are making an animated short.

This time I am working with Jordan Buckner and once again with Ruben Martins.
Their blogs can be seen here.

As part of the group project we have formed ourselves into the production company, Atom Pancakes. Which did seem rather fitting when we decided on making a science fiction comedy. Unfortunately, the story idea we had for that ended when we disagreed on how it should end. I won't get into that now though, but basically what we are now making is completely un-sci-fi related!

So if its not a sci-fi, what are we making? Well, in short, we have a crime writer in the 1930s, who doesn't know how to end his latest book. We are aiming for it to be about 3 minutes long.
For more details you can also visit the Atom Pancakes blog.

The first part of the project involved not only coming up with a name for ourselves, but also creating a visual identify. Here is the company logo and ident.
The logo was Jordan's design...

...however I did create the ident for it.

So far on this project, my main contributions have been with the story. We have worked as a team in generating ideas, and then I have been writing the actual scripts, based on what we have come up with in meetings. I say script'S' because it has gone through so many revisions and rewrites!

I have also been working on some prop designs, while my other colleagues have been handling the character and environment concepts.




Electric Pencil Sharpener

Our group blog will be more active and up to date, but I shall be keeping this blog relatively up to date with my contributions to the project.

More work to come!

A Flock of Pixels

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