Monday, 25 July 2011

Narrative - Invisible Cannibals Trailer - The Complete Edition - and a bit more

I just posted this on the CGA course group blog a little while ago, but for all people not following that, here is the project that I have been working on over summer. It is the trailer for the (imaginary film) The Day of the Invisible Cannibals from Beyond the stars!
A project that was assigned during uni year two, and was never totally finished for the original deadline.
Now the trailer is being re-released with all new scenes (the stuff that was never rendered in time), and tweaked editing! Although note that the trailers animation has remained untouched to preserve the work, and the re-release is just to show how the trailer was going to look if the rendering didn't take so long.

As a reminder, the trailer is supposed to be like a 1950s British B movie trailer, made rather cheaply.
This was a group project. The team consisting of Ethan Shilling (Me), Ruben Martins and Shahbir Hameed.
Anyway, here is the trailer.

For those who are interested to see how different it is, the original can be seen here.

Of course, I haven't just been working on this over summer. Actually most of my time has been spent on learning more technical stuff. One thing being Maya's Embedded Language, Mel for short. I have created a tool that makes the joint creating and orientating a whole lot easier and less confusing.
The second involving learning new rigging techniques. Both stuff learnt from tutorials and also a few techniques of my own!
Not showing any of this now, but I might do a video demonstration later in the year or maybe even a tutorial!

Right now though, I am collaborating for my next project and that studio blog can be seen here at Atom Pancakes!

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