Friday, 11 February 2011

Transcription - Storyboarding has Begun

Today I started story boarding, although not straight away. I spent the firstly half of the day drawing bears, desperately trying to come up with the right kind of bear, while also learning how to draw the same bear consistently, and in different poses.

Once I'd got past that, I was ready to begin story boarding.

So far I've managed to do the very first part of the story, and in seven boards.
I'm certainly pleased with how the drawings came out, and was worth practising. Unfortunately though, the drawing phase didn't last any longer, as I struggled to draw the bear again. I never should have taken that break!
Although I think it was mainly because I couldn't draw the bear at a certain angle, and I wanted to be very specific.

So instead of that, I finished by scanning in the boards, (and the sketches for the blog) and assembling them into an animatic. So as of now, the first 13 seconds are done and in the animatic.

Here is what I've boarded so far.

And exclusive to the blog, some of my other sketches. The practice ones!

I hope to continue boarding over the weekend, adding to the animatic as I go along. It's probably best done that way, as it is a music piece, so timing to the music is crucial.

One last thing though, because my film does use a song by Madness, I'm a little concerned about putting it on Youtube. The music video I blogged (off of someone else's Youtube account) was shortly after, removed, and the account deleted. I've also seen on other videos with just music in, have their audio removed from the video. I'm just wondering what might happen if I ever post the animatic or final piece with the music in on Youtube.
Admittedly though it isn't the full song, but still, I'd rather not risk my account being deleted or anything like that. Does anyone else know more information on stuff like this?


  1. You could consider uploading via blogger itself - from film clips on your desktop - it does take a while, I suspect. Otherwise, you might consider setting up a Vimeo account instead of youtube? This is a bit of a grey area, admittedly...

  2. Hey Ethan - check out the work and style of animator, Joanna Quinn:

    I think it will 'chime' with you and the world of your animation.