Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Transcription - Story Progress

During the 2nd tutorial with Alan, I discussed yet another idea. Having already gone through a phase of scrapping the first song and staring from square one, then back to the first song again, I was hoping that this time I had something more concrete. I got a green light of sorts. It was decided that there were just a few things that needed resolving, but the core idea is there. And yes, the bear is in it, but not with slippers. No, this time, its with a pillow!

Anyway, I have been working on (as suggested in the tutorial) a detailed storyline of events, which have both the lyrics and timing synced with the new story. It also has some basic camera and compositional notes next to it too. Its in the form of a table.

While I have typed up everything that I was thinking of (with a few of the suggested changes from the tutorials too), it is incomplete. There are a few gaps where I'm undecided of what or how the action on screen will take place. Some parts in in greater detail than others.
Over the next day or so It will gradually become more complete. Of course feel free to post your thoughts on what's here so far.

This is what I have so far.

Transcription Story 1st Draft

I'm thinking that while I try to fill in the gaps, I will begin storyboarding some of the other scenes. Particularly as the last few posts have been rather wordy and is about time I blog some drawings. Any other suggestions for the story are most welcome.


  1. I think this could be very cute, Ethan :D Regarding those gaps, it seems that maybe here you could simply show more of your mattress/feather world establishing itself; you could have a scene too, with the bear pushing the pillow on a swing (another classic rom-com cliche) or maybe riding together on a ferris wheel, or side-by-side on a roller-coaster comprising fur-trimmed slippers as it goes up and down - or even going around and around a helter-skelter - something to suggest 'happy days out together'...

  2. Those sound like great ideas.
    The slippers can be back in the film after all! :D