Friday, 18 February 2011

Maya Tasks Week 17 - More Dynamics - More Games Modelling

Here are week two's dynamic tutorials.

First is a ring of fire works. In this particles were emitted from a circle curve, with the emitter set to 'omni'. This meant that particles were emitted from the circle's eight control points. The the particles themselves were controlled be ramps and expressions. Lastly per particle emission rates were used to vary the amount emitting from each point. (I don't think mine is a good example for showing that though, as they all look identical!)

The second effect was a shock wave. Again, particles were emitted from a circle, but this time the emitter was set to 'curve'. This allowed for a ring of particles to be emitted from all around the curve. The circle itself was animated to grow outwards.

This example demonstrates a preset effect called curve flow. As the name suggests, particles flow along a curve path.

Lastly for dynamics, particles are emitted from a curve that was created, based on two bits of geometry intersecting. In this case the island and the ocean.

Here is a video of all the above effects.

So in the second week of games modelling I have refined the head of the character. The only thing I've just realised that I have missed out is adjusting the normals. At the moment they are soft all over. I'll sort that out when I present next weeks tutorials.

(Don't worry, he does have eyes! They've just been hidden to show the geometry)

One final thing. I haven't forgotten about transcription. I'm slowly but surely working my way through storyboarding at the moment. Although remarkably I think I've spent more time on the 'framing practice' essay. However, having done most of week three's Maya tutorials, I intend to spend the next three days working solidly to get to a stage where I have a completed animatic. Before then, I will probably post 'the final idea' for the project. The ideas for it have kind of evolved slowly over the three weeks, but now I have everything worked out in my head.

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