Sunday, 27 February 2011

Maya Tasks Week 18 - Dynamics - Games Modelling

Here are the third weeks tutorials completed.
We learnt about a few other functions with the standard particle system.

Here we created fireworks, by creating particles that emit more particles. The first set of particles created the trail, then the second created the bang. The usual attributes control the colour etc.

Then the second technique learnt was how to emit particles from a surface, with a texture controlling where the particles emit from the surface.
It was also an opportunity to create a fire effect as well.

The second barrel of fire, is the same as the previous render, but edited in after effects. It's surprisingly very different and a bit over the top!

The last example is demonstrating how particles can inherit the colour of the surface when they emit from it.

With the coke can, an animated ramp texture was used to control the emitting particles, which gives the impression that the can is disintegrating from top to bottom. Dynamic fields were controlling the motion of the particles as they disperse.

Here is the video of the above effects.

Here is the progress made on the game character.

His body is now completed, and the edges on the entire surface have been hardened or softened, based on where creases should be in the mesh.

A Flock of Pixels.

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