Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Transcription - Final Bear Model

Today I have finished modelling the bear for my animation.

It's take quite some time with a lot of tweaking in places, and am now happy with the outcome.

Since the last update I've tightened the join between the face and the nose and added a few bumps on top, to make his nose appear more squashed against his face. Not that I ever showed you a smooth preview of the bear before, it did originally look like his nose was just a blob coming out of his face, with no real definition.

The ears are now stuck to the head properly. They were originally separate bits of floating mesh.
The hands are modelled. (like mittens)
There is geometry underneath the feet now.
The curves are ever so slightly more shaped, and he has an extra bump under his nose. (which gradually dispersers around the neck)
Generally the whole model has been tweaked to fit the character better.

There were also some issues with the geometry around the arms which have been adjusted.

One of the main things I like about the bear is it's simplicity. (the look) I've tried to keep the use of circles in the drawing, consistent in the model by keeping the body and the head relatively spherical.
The main difference with the 3D bear is the length of the legs. I purposely made them longer than in the storyboards, so that they would be more practical to use for walking etc.
I still kept the overall shape the same though.

I've unwrapped the UV's too, although this time I'm not so worried about straightening the edges for ease of painting as I'm going to be using fur. And from what I know, I have to have very evenly laid out UV's, with minimal stretching, so that the fur is evenly distributed over the mesh.

I'm sure there will be more to come soon.

Oh, and one more thing. Here is the second (and last) animatic. It's got the title 'My Pillow' although it's likely to change as it's not necessarily the final title. It's just there to fill a blank space for now.
Talking of blank spaces, there is one other snag with this animatic... It has no audio :(

Unfortunately, I hadn't realised at first, but an automatic email was set to me from Youtube, saying that It had detected content that is owned or licensed. Although nothing had actually happened yet, I wasn't going to wait and find out so I've taken both versions with the audio down.
After speaking with Alan, we came to the conclusion that it is just something that I have to put up with. Basically, its never going to be seen with audio on the blog (unless anything changes). Which is a shame.
This explains why I posted the second animatic and then very promptly took it off the blog.

Of course when I'm in Uni, I can show it to anyone if they ask.

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  1. Looking forward to the furry the moment, he's a bare bear!! :)

  2. I think Vimeo is 'less policed'? ;-)

    Anyway - your animatic is cute and reads well even without the sound (though the song is playing in my head!). Your bear is also very cute. All tutorial discretion aside for a moment, I can't wait to see this come to life, Ethan - this project is so 'you' somehow, it tickles me. Do whatever you need to do to make this your first 'signature' animation - a 'Shilling Original'! :D

  3. A Shilling Original it will be then!
    And this time round, it will be on time! :D

  4. Ahhh, cuteness! the bear, the animatic, really really looking forward to seeing this ((:D