Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Character Design - Week 9

Yesterdays lesson was on environments. The task was to design a type of environment with a certain characteristic. Both were chosen at random at the draw of cards. I was given a 'horrible tower'.
As research I looked at cactus and leaches. Leaches I find particularly horrible. While cactus are kind of dangerous with their spikes.

I drew up a few designs.

I then drew one final design.

Basically I have teeth around the doors and holes in the walls.
Once Justin Wyatt looked at them he thought that I could take the teeth/spikes further and completely cover it like a cactus. He also suggested that I make the tower less generic.

I started by basically re drawing what he scribbled on a spare bit of paper. The drawings which almost look like a hand covered in spikes were based of his drawings.
After looking at them myself I kind of thought they were more like dangerous towers rather than horrible towers. When I think of horrible, I also think of disgusting, repulsive as well as slightly cruel. So I went back to the leach style designs. This is what I came up with.

Pretty horrible! But in a good way. It is a tower, but is much more organic. It has the horrible leach like mouth chimneys, with a few randomly placed spiky bits!

Well I was happy with this design anyway.

Now what about my characters?

I was doing a lot of random drawings of props and character faces. This first picture is one A3 page with lots of small drawings. I was just drawing Ideas and designs as I thought of them.

I then decided on focusing on the faces, so I got a new piece of paper and drew up some more designs.

Now yesterday, there was a problem going on within the lecture theatres. Basically we had a film planned for today (Mars Attack), but unfortunately it had to be postponed. This meant that I had two hours to kill so I went back to the base room and started to draw some more refined character face expressions. I started off with the the villain.

Then the sidekick.

Then a day passed and I continued to draw the hero's character expressions.

although I did these before hand because I was trying to figure out how to draw the hair of the character. Up to now I've been drawing him with his helmet on, but I knew that at some point I would need to give him hair.

The next thing I started working on were the poses.

I was thinking of tying in the lines running through the suit with this Greek key pattern:

I really need to now spend more time refining the poses.
That's it for now. Until next time.

A Flock of Pixels.

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