Saturday, 20 November 2010

Character Design - End of Week 9 Updates

When both projects briefed nine weeks back, a lot more time was spent on the Narrative project in the beginning. It's only fair that I spend more time now on the Character Design project.

I have here two days (Thursday and Friday) worth of sketching. Shown in chronological order. It took quite some time to scan and colour correct, but it's worth it as some drawings (the one's which I regard as final drawings) may be featured in the bible, and it makes the blog look better!

Most of the drawings are the poses for the three characters. However there are some drawings on the props.

Notice I've changed the sidekicks armor. Having the original chest plate which went around his shoulders was looking very flat and 2D. Also some of his poses (like the one below with an arm in the air) were physically impossible.

Notice that the poses for the hero never go into more detail than a skeleton. That's because it takes so many attempts to get the pose right. For the character bible I will trace over the best poses with the actual character.

Annoyingly the hero's feet missed the scanner! Not to worry though as this is the final pose of him shooting an energy disc, so I will be tracing over the it (with feet!) to get the final picture.

I don't know whether you'd noticed, but in these next few drawings of the villain, she isn't wearing the collar. I consider these poses to be 'attacking' poses. A collar would only get in the way. Remember she only likes to dress for the occasion!

The pose which I've attempted to re draw below is how she uses her staff to freeze people under her control. She hits it against the ground in a rage.

One last thing to note is that if you enlarge the pictures you may see little ticks and crosses. They are my initial thoughts on whether I think it is possibly a good drawing or bad drawing. I would usually scribble out the really bad drawings completely, but since using a new clicky pencil with expensive lead, (which I now find much better to draw with) I have realised that I can't afford to waste it!
Well that's a slight exaggeration as I don't scribble out many drawings at all now, but I used to!

A Flock of Pixels.


  1. Hi Ethan,
    looking good!- the characters seem to be coming alive now, with those sketches. I can see them leaping around on the screen

  2. Nice work Ethan. I'm looking forward to seeing your work at the crit.

  3. Thanks!

    I'm quite looking forward to it as well.

    Especially now as I've started to colour the characters in Illustrator!

    It's all coming together.