Sunday, 21 November 2010

Character Design - Week 10 - The Final Week

It's the beginning of the final week!

I've gone over some of the hero poses from the last post. They now have the complete character drawn over the skeletons.

I've had to make some slight alterations to the uniform, so he can have his arms properly posed without any armour getting in the way. I've also drawn him without a cape. This, like the villains collar, is an optional item which is worn on special occasions. You will see the cape in the colour version of the character.

I'm going to list the things I'm aiming to get done for the character bible as a minimum!
If I find myself with extra time I will of course add more stuff. Likely to be more drawings!

In no particular order:

Front, side and back views of all three characters. Preferably in black and white line art, but if time is short, then left in sketch form.

Three different poses of all three characters, for a total of nine drawings in sketch form.

One of the above poses for each character in full colour.

Facial expressions for each character in sketch form.

Props of each character in sketch form. One of each prop in full colour (preferably).

A short synopsis of the cartoon. (very short - Probably what I will say at the final crit)

A full, slightly lengthy, synopsis of the cartoon. (lots more detail)

Character profiles for all three characters.

All of the completed weekly tasks.


All of that will be put into the character bible with a front cover and specially designed pages. (although nothing too fancy)

The character bible, as a PDF, and the blog posts related to character design, as a PDF, all put onto a CD.
I can also post the pages in sequence on the blog (like we've done before) just to make sure.

Now have I missed anything? I hope not.

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