Monday, 22 November 2010

Character Design - Characters to be Revealed...

...on Thursday. Sorry you'll have to wait a bit longer!

But here are some silhouettes.

I really need to concentrate on getting those turnarounds finished! That's tomorrows plan.
The only other things to do is to colour some of the props and to possibly draw more poses for the characters.


  1. these really convince, Ethan - looking forward to the crit!

  2. Now they are some pretty mean silhouettes, Ethan. Good work!

  3. Looking good! :)
    Just a thought... have you got a name for your cartoon??
    I have let Alan know that you won't be in today - see you tomorrow!

  4. No I don't have a name for the cartoon yet.

    Do you know what, naming things has been the hardest part of character design!

  5. Oh, and thanks for all the positive feedback!

  6. Well for a overall name, this is eighties inspired cartoons, so they can be a little cheesy I would try to capture the feel of your story. You may just get away with "(Heros name): the quest for the (relic/item etc). I wouldnt try and be incredibly clever here. ie:

    He Man and the masters of the universe
    Thunder cats
    Brave Starr
    Jayce and the wheeled warriors
    Battle of the Planets

    Its not exactly shakespear!

  7. Well the hero's name is Ryan. And he wears this special suit, which makes him the hero, as he is the only one who can defeat the villain Medusa.

    The good guys space ship is called the Origan. The crew on the Orgian are like the guardians of the universe. And it is them who invented this suit.

    But Medusa wants to destroy the Orgian and it's crew and take over the universe.

    Ryans destiny is to destroy Medusa and rid her crew of the spell or whatever that forces them to be controlled.

    So since the suit plays such an important part (as without it, there would be no hero and no show) maybe something like...

    Ryan and the Suit of Origan

    What do you think.
    I think it fits. If I can't think of anything better, I'll use that.

  8. Sounds good to me! But don't forget, when you come to talk about it on Thursday, your villain is called Matrusair, and not Madusa! :)

  9. Oh, didn't I tell you.

    I've changed it back to Medusa.

    It seemed pointless to vary the name of a well known name like Medusa. My character may not be exactly the same but, I just know that everyone else would probably say "Oh that character, what's her name, the one that's like Medusa, she's the main villain in that cartoon"

    Chances are people are going to remember Medusa over a slight variation like Matrusair, so she may as well be called that. After all, it is a name, not a type of species ;)

    Everythings going reasonably well. I'm doing the turnarounds at the moment.