Saturday, 9 October 2010

Maya Tasks Week 3 - Car Modeling - Lip Syncing

Car Poly Modeling

This is what the car is looking like so far, when it's smoothed.

This is it's wire frame.

I think this car has been the most time consuming thing that I've ever modeled, but It's coming along! Not much else to say at this point.


Animation - Lip Syncing

For the third part of the tutorial, we learned about some of the all important, little things that sell a lip sync. Like blinks, tongue movement and eyebrows. etc. I also got carried away and tweaked a few other things as well, added a bit of movement in the head and lowered his arms.

They always say to animate to the camera, so I decided to set the camera position here, and continued to tweak until it stopped looking robotic. Maybe the head movement needs more adjusting, but I'm quite happy with how this has come out.


  1. Looking good Ethan. Possibly a little more empahsis on the closed shapes though - M's for example. You can create a double key frame (holding the shape) to help produce a pop.

  2. Ah yes... Thats something I did miss out! Thanks for the reminder:)