Friday, 6 August 2010

Summer Project Ideas

Ok. hello everyone. I'm back. Not that I really went far, I just haven't been blogging much.
Anyway I thought I'd start this post with my ideas so far, regarding my soundscape. Actually I think it would be better to say that I got soundscape 14 before I go any further. And here it is, if you want to listen.

Now I thought long and hard on an idea based on the soundscape. I knew immediately that it was going to be an environment or more specifically a scene, but I couldn't think of what. For a long time I was struggling to get this sci-fi scene out of my head.It was almost as if I was trying to it fit with the music, rather than it coming from the music. It was clouding my mind. But after looking at a box of rechargeable batteries, an idea came to me. (I'll explain that in a second)

Anyway, my Idea is a boat (not sure what kind yet) lost at sea, sailing right into a storm. Waves crashing, lightning, thundering and rain pouring etc, gradually getting worse. Then right near the end the captain sees through the fog, a graveyard of ships and oh dear. It's not looking good for the the captain and his crew now. And that's basically it.

And your probably wondering how I got that from a box of rechargeable batteries… well… there was a picture of some waves crashing against some rocks on the front of the box. Something just clicked together like a lego brick. I found that piece out of a million pieces, and I think it fits together with the music.

So thats my idea. Numerous ideas went through my head to come up with this one. I only hope that everyone else thinks its a good idea, or at least a good starting point. Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.

Just another note. I have't yet decided what the final outcome would be. I could go through the usual things like sketches and digital painting, up to a cg render. But an animation would be more what I would like to do. Just depends whether thats too ambitious for the amount of time I have left.

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  1. your idea sounds like a delicious visual snippet of a much bigger narrative, with the discovery of the ships' graveyard a trailer 'money shot' - I say 'go for it', in terms of an animation - but, remember the pipeline - I want to see you design this moment as you would for a client who'd paid megabucks for your to visualise this big, cinematic wow - they'd want to see exactly what they'd be getting for their money, so your pre-production is absolutely key... I look forward to seeing your vision materialise... :-)

    Oh - and welcome back to the bloggosphere; you've been missed!