Friday, 6 August 2010

Pre Production begins

Ok. so I've started off with the basics. I've collected some images of stormy seas as reference.

I think I will be limiting the colour palette to these sorts of greens and blues.

I also want to use strong silhouettes of boats in my scene.
I'm thinking that it may be too much to model lots of different ships and boats, so instead, (assuming the camera doesn't move too much), just use 2d black and white image planes in the distance.

A good image of a boat lost in the fog.

Just another painting of a ship in rough weather.

More rough seas.

Nice slanted composition.

Not quite stormy but the clouds look good.

Crushing waves against the rocks.

This is actually the closest to what I originally pictured. Although not necessarily what I'm going for.

Could be a nice ending shot maybe.

Just a side note. I think I will be sketching out some rough compositions. I really want to create a digital painting as well. In the meantime I'll focus more on storyboarding my ideas.

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