Sunday, 8 August 2010

An initial Painting

Well Iv'e been able to borrow my brothers Wacom tablet for the next few weeks. So I decided I'd actually produce a digital painting now. You've seen the reference images, but I wanted to do an initial painting just so you can get an accurate feel for what I want to create. I also wanted to test out photoshop CS5's new paint brush features and they are amazing.

This was created straight from photoshop. No sketches or guides. I didn't even have any reference images in front of me. Just painting off the top of my head.

The boat is kept simple, but I actually like it like that. There aren't even any windows. Its a slightly 3D silhouette of a boat. With minimal shading. The waves created by the growing storm are the main focus of this animation.

Just looking at the picture now, I'm thinking maybe that the clouds end a bit to suddenly.
I'd like to hear what people think of it. Both from an idea and a technical point of view.


  1. Well, I go away for the weekend - and come back to whole clutch of lovely posts from you!
    I love the stormy sea idea...your music has a huge, epic feel to it, so that should fit really well. The initial sketches are coming along nicely - keep going ! :)

  2. Hey Ethan - think you're onto something here - why not consider using really bold stylisation to bring this music to life? You could use silhouettes and lighting flashes to reveal details of your scene; in terms of the waves and water effects, you could go for something more theatrical; in this sense, you could craft 'an experience', as opposed to mimicking life and physics and the world.

    Take a look at this for some inspiration:

  3. nice work there man....not sure what your music is though, but im sure it goes hand in hand....wouldnt mind seeing some cold hues of blue in there!