Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Week 4 Maya Tasks

Here are the last set of maya tasks.

Skinning. Here the arm is given a definite muscle and an elbow.

Some more tasks on Render layers and passes.

The Final Composite




The matte pass was used to mask out the reflection pass, where it overlapped with the colour pass.

The main adition to this scene is the effects pass. In this example, some sparks are emmiting from the collision.




Flat Colour




Too many render passes to display individualy. The main difference was in the technique. The two characters were rendered idividualy with thier own set of passes. Then there was also the scne itself to render with passes. Also take note to the extra glow pass for Felix the Robot.

These last two tasks utilise the sculpt deformer.

This first exampe give the arm a dynamic muscle that wobbles. A jiggle deformer was also used.
To be honest. It looks a bit wierd.

This example uses the scupt deformer to retain the stomachs mass when the back is leaning forward. Othrwise the stomach collapses inwards.

And I think that concludes all maya tasks for this year... well... year 1 anyway!

Note that week 1's maya tasks are further back in the blog.


  1. HiEthan - not sure if you got my text... basically I said that you should check your UCA email, as Phil is sending you your results for the last project. Hope your summer is going well so far! Off to Greece tomorrow for two weeks...bye!! :)

  2. Hello! Hope your summer is going well...guess you've been catching up on all those projects that have fallen by the wayside! :)
    Are you having a go at the summer project? Don't forget to post any thoughts/development etc!

  3. Please check out these links to see what I get up to during the summer...



  4. Hello! I have been working on my own projects so far. well... one project anyway. I haven't toataly fogoten about the summer project. I did re download the soundscape last night and listened to it. If I do start the project, you will know about it.
    I've been looking at other peoples blogs almost daily, including the UCA group blog, so I know whats going on.

    Summer holidays are going well I suppose. Although I've had a few days where I've got fed up of maya and generaly being in front of the computer. But then when I do leave the computer, I don't know what I want to do. I did finaly make a decision to break up the lego death star, which acounted for 99% of the dust in my room. I spent about 5 days breaking up and dusting individualy over 3000 bricks and sorting them into bags!

    Anyway... I hope this comment reaches someone, it doesn't help that the post is miles down the page!

  5. It reached me!
    Glad the summer is going well, bet you're glad it's not so hot anymore!
    You could always do some sketching, if you get fed up with the computer!! :)

  6. It reached me too, Ethan - you know, one of the things that impressed me so much during your first year was just how extraordinarily improved your drawing became. I urge you therefore to put drawing at the heart of your summer project (which soundscape did you get? Can I suggest you put a new post together in which you discuss your reactions to your soundscape and the thoughts you've been having re. its interpretation - I'd be very interested, and the other second years are just beginning to get on with their projects too - let's get some momentum going!). If you're following the group blog, you'll see that some new first year blogs have gone live - soon to be followed by more; start following them and make them feel at home.