Saturday, 15 May 2010

This is the final Animatic

I've tweaked my animatic. I think I've fixed the beginning shot now. Technically I haven't made the shot last any longer, but I've adjusted the length of the boards themselves, within the same amount of space on the timeline. I also adjusted the whooshing sound, so it starts earlier.


  1. Evening Ethan...

    Great - get it done now :-)

  2. Hi Ethan - looks like things are coming along nicely...keep up the good work! I have checked with Phil about the tutorials tomorrow - he meant to make a list, but ran out of time what with one thing and another, so its a case of turn up and wait for him to see you. What time will you be in?

  3. Hello! I have let Clare know that you will be along to see her next Tuesday - I said about half past one (workshop starts at 2 I think...)
    Tomorrow's drop-in tutorials are not vital, so best stay home and get on with your work! See you Friday...