Thursday, 13 May 2010

I'm on a CG arts course... and designing Science text books!!!

I've spent the last half of today working on something I would never have imagined doing on a CG arts course. Creating one double page spread in a science text book on slime molds, complete with text and images. For those that don't know, this is needed in the opening and closing shot of my animation. The choice of colours and style is done to match the world of my slime mold animation. Well... technically it's the other way round, but I've worked backwards...

I did have a look at exaples of how text books can be set out. Not much reference material was found, all exept these images.

All of my science text books got chucked out after school so it was mostly up to what what sort of things I've seen before to use as reference.

I think I've explored and experimented enough with this style of colour and texture to be satified with how its going to look in the final animation.


  1. Hey Ethan - I just love what you're doing here - it's this kind of production design and attention to detail that demonstrates to me just how much you've developed as a creative over the course of your first year; and I'm loving the blizzard of posts - it's a result of genuine research and development and I'm personally very excited about this project!