Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Fully rendered my first shot... and its a disaster

So whats wrong with it? The yellow nucleuses inside don't apear to be spinning in a vortex. (Motion blur may have helpped a bit here, but rendering was too slow) Instead it looks fuzzy. The blob thats suposed to be rising just doesn't look as good as the pre vis. I rendered a depth pass, but it just takes too long to composite in after effects, so it is missing from the video. This means that it is dificult to know what to look at, and the shot itself just doesn't work. Whats worse is I din't notice this untill after I rendered it, which also to far longer than I expected. (The whole day) Whats even more worse is the fact that it isn't an overly complicated scene to render. Just three simple meshes with two simple textures. And now with only 9 days left to finish, I'm going to have to be completing (including rendering) 2 shots each day out of the 16 shots I have. I think now is the perfect time to panic.

Oh and as usual... youtube has cut off the end of the shot.

I welcome peoples thoughts, or maybe advice.


  1. Don't panic! Keep calm and carry on....

  2. Isn't one of the big issues here as simple as camera placement? If your point-of-view was ground-level and tilted up, wouldn't it better convey the motion and drama you original wanted? At the moment, the brown horizon level is 'too high' in the shot, and the tip of the vortex too low; by moving the horizon down to the bottom of the shot, you'll add both drama and a greater sense of occlusion.

  3. I've just realised what you are saying... It also proves how much of a failed shot this realy is... The camera is pointing up, almost vertical... The brown painted texture which looks like the ground is actualy a wall. (The side of the twig, which it is to later go up and over the top of)...
    Me seeing one thing and you seing another, what it needs is more reference points to put the camera angle into context.

  4. okay - yes - I see that now... But you're right - it does need some orientation - but might that come from the information in a previous shot? Also, the lighting doesn't help - because it flattens everything and makes spatial relations difficult to make out - the blob doesn't cast a shadow, and there's no sense that the log is volumetric (as opposed to the horizon line for which I mistook it...)