Thursday, 20 May 2010

School Desks and Shadows

My first scene shows the book with the diagram of the life cycle of a slime mold on a school desk.

Here is a render without shadows.

Here is a render with shadows.

Is it worth having the shadows (especialy if they are only simple shadows) if it takes an extra 44 seconds per frame. I'm thinking no, unless I happen to find myself with spare time at the end.

The ambient oclusion renders quick enough, which is visible in both renders. It helps ground the objects to the floor. I may as well just stick with that. What are other peoples thoughts no this.

I've already made the decision not to render this at full hd to further reduce render time. If I can keep the render time to no more than a minute per frame, I should be ok.


  1. I would say, don't worry about the shadows unless you really have time... I do prefer it with, but without is good too. How's it going overall?

  2. Every is takeing more than 4 times longer than I originaly expected. And I'm not talking about rendering, just creating the animation. So I would say that everything is going fine if it was due in a months time.

  3. ... the real world has shadows... if you want the transformation into the drawing world to be effective, I think the real world needs to obey real world rules... not what you wanted to hear, i know...