Monday, 24 May 2010

Test Render

Nothing particularly exciting to post today. Here is a very quick render of the slime mold cells comming together. Look left of center to see two cells connecting.

I know its a bit short. Its just a test to see if I could succsefuly composite the passes together.


  1. Hey Ethan,

    Lots of really exciting 'glimpses' of your project - and lots of commenting activity too; I know you're knackered and worried, but let's face it - you've set your bar very high in terms of Maya and execution and its inevitable that you're going to experience 'the ceiling' on your skills - only to break through it; you're struggling, you're learning 'quick and dirty' - and you're accomplishing some great stuff. All your classmates are pushing themselves very hard - I think Peter Klappa may just explode on Friday... Take care of yourself, Ethan and I wish you happier travels...

  2. I think I've just got past the "arr its all going wrong... what am I to do" stage as things are starting to come apar... I mean together. :)

  3. You know Ethan - you have great comic timing - and you write really well - you a very dry sense of humour; I'm looking forward to a project when you get the opportunity to put some of that natural comedic skill into some kind of narrative; oh yeah, Sultan was asking about you on the phone the other day - I gave you a truly glowing report! :-)

  4. Hi Ethan! Don't forget to bring project in today to work on in After Effects! Also lightbox, if you remember...

  5. I will be bringing all my project work, but I think it would be better to work on the 'Making of'. Mainly because, if I work on After Effects CS4, it will be incompatible with CS3. And I wouldn't want to half finish something, only to get home and find that I can't finish it.
    I take it, this last After Effects lesson is going to have another tutorial and is not just a another opportunity to get help with any project stuff.