Sunday, 23 May 2010

Something Sucsessful

I've basicaly done the last half of the animation. It just needs to be rendered. Dynamics in maya started to behave and things have prgressed further. Sinse this particular scene needs depth of field (there is a transition from from mid focus to close up), I done a quick test with a single rendered frame.

Its only subtle, but neccesery.

This next video is how the animation looked as of yesterday early evening. The spores don't explode in this version. The scene itself is split up into 5 different camera angles. The last one being this angle. It is suposed to start when the camera starts moving.

Now all that is left is most of the beggining half of the animation. I have a bad feeling that it is the more difficult of the two halfs, but hopefuly now that something has gone right, I will have the motivation to get it done.


  1. Love the soundtrack. The scene so far looks indeed promissing :) Hope all turns very well after this week

  2. I'm pleased things are working better for you finally! :0) And I'm impressed with your you perseverance in the face of Maya problems - keep it up!

  3. I'm still far from finished. And I will say that I am well and truly fed up of Maya at the moment. I'm also disapointed at how rushed I'm having to go to get this done. It hasn't been a good experience. Kind of like the last maya project. (rushed and last minute) I almost can't beleive that my least favorite projects this year are the two maya orientated ones. I would rather it were the other way round. Anyway, only 5 more days. Its dificult to say whether thats a good thing or a bad thing.

  4. Morning! Don't forget Ethan, that this isn't supposed to be easy! :) Have a look at some of your fellow bloggers, and you'll see that most of them are having issues with Maya at the moment... my advice would be to 'embrace' the challenge, grit your teeth, and soldier on to the finishing line.
    Also, don't forget about the 'Making of' !!

  5. We are all doomed !!!!
    :) keep it up