Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Introducing a Leaf

It never really noticed in the storyboard but this shot is looking very empty. Just so you know, the camera moves around to the right, to face the twig, which is in effect, just a wall.

But while its facing this direction, I'm thinking it need some sort of background, other than the sky. In theory, the rest of the trees would be seen here, but at this scale, they would look like a big flat brown wall. (as you would only be seeing the tree stump of probably one tree)

I haven't tested this out yet but I'm thinking of putting a leaf in the background. I've created a simple cartoon leaf. Done in the same way as the trees.

I would probably have it on a curved plane surface. I don't know how good it will look. Any other suggestions are welcome. As soon as I've put the leaf into the scene, I'll post it. Right now I'm rendering other stuff.


  1. Hope everything is going to schedule! Just one more thing to say to you....LIGHTBOX !!

  2. I suppose things are going to schedule. There's just a little bit of rendering to finish. Most of the stuff that is already rendered, has also been composited as well. Tomorrow should mostly be spent on finishing the 'making of' and editing all the scenes together. I haven't yet designed a profesional DVD cover for this yet. Right now, I just want to make sure that I complete the animation before I go back to finishing all the other bits and bobs. I'll get my logo posted eventualy... basically tomorrow.

    I was just wondering, does the disc that we usualy provide, just need to be a data disc. Whether it be a CD or DVD, or a proper DVD, in the sense of it having a menu. I think someone else asked this but couldn't I see an answer to it.

    If anyone doesn't know, then I'll just provide it as a data disc.

  3. Hmmm, not sure...will ask again!

  4. Morning! sed Phil (you can see his actual reply on my post...) - basically, its just the same as normoal, with the animation and 'making of' on the disk, but this time make the dvd look 'pretty'! His words !! Maybe if you can get an actual dvd case and design the cover for that, with some blurb on the back, that would be good.... have a look at what some of the others are doing, ie Jolanta, Ruben - the usual suspects! PS....
    LIGHTBOX !!!

  5. Apologies for terrible spelling in the last post - it was still dark in my bedroom! That should have been 'asked Phil' and of course, 'normal' ! At least I spelt LIGHTBOX correctly ! :)