Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Maybe Less is More

I emailed Dr Klappa the other day about what the yellow fluffy slime molds looked like before they became the fruiting bodies, as I couldn't seem to find any.

Whether or not they are always fluffy or whether they only go fluffy at the fruiting stage. He replied saying that he wasn't entirely sure and continuing to say that it probably goes fluffy at the fruiting stage.
At first I was thinking that I was stuck but after reading what Phil has also said on my previous post (about not there being any other CG slime mold videos out there), this has actually opened up more creative options as its all really down to how I interpret the diagrams on what it should look like.

Some more good news is that today, I have finished my Time Machine essay. (Its what I've been doing/finishing mainly over the last few days) So now I can concentrate entirely on this project.

During my lunch break I actually decided upon finding some images of woodland and logs etc as this is where slime mold appears to be most commonly found. In particular, trying to find photos from a slime molds point of view. I only found one of these but then I wasn't searching for that long anyway.

I also found a good detailed picture of some fallen logs with moss.

I think I've done enough visual research for the moment, having also looked at other blogs as well. Perhaps its time now to sketch out a few ideas. Maybe a rough storyboard.

Oh... and I also filled out the student survey.


  1. Not maybe... - definately !! :)