Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Fantastic Voyage

More emailing today. This time I wanted to clarify with Dr Klappa whether there were any restrictions on what type of slime mold to animate. (He showed the diagram of the cellular type but images of the plasmodial type in the presentation) I was happy to hear that there weren't any restrictions.

I've spent most of today, figuring out whats is going to happen in the life cycle. I had the decision of two main types and couldn't decide which. So I did some first draft story boards for both.

All these drawings, as you will see, are very rough so I'm going to describe them.

First Story board

In a forest
Camera pans down and zooms in on the log

Single cells start to come together atop of the log

The slug body begins to form as more cells join.

It was then at this point that I realised a few mistakes. One being that the scale was all wrong. The log should be a twig and the other being that I wanted the slug to travel to the top of the log, not already be at the top.

Story Board number 2

In the forest
The camera pans down on a twig and zooms in on it.

Revealing these single cells.
They start to combine.

They form a body as a slug
and slither up the twig

The slug morphs into the fruiting body and releases its spores into the forest, carried by the breeze

Picture 16 is supposed to be the spores pealing off of the outer bubble. (I don't know whether that is technically accurate, but I have as of yet to find out how the cellular fruiting bodies release their spores)

Story Board 3

This time I did the plasmodial slime mold.

The camera is positioned in the sky looking down into the forest.
Camera zooms in and twists at the same time.
Then it lowers down to just underneath the log (its a log this time)

The yellow slime mold is pulsing as it travels up the log. (spreading out) leaving a trail of veins

As it spreads out over the top of the log the slime mold begins to fruit all its bodies.

Then the camera is zooming as if through the trees, but with the fruiting bodies as the fruiting bodies themselves, grow.

Camera stops a this odd angle while fruiting bodies emit spores

Into the forest (same as last time)

Story board 4

This is the last one. (a cellular slime mold) I think I'm edging more to doing the cellular slime mold

In the forest
Camera pans down

The cells join together and form a slug which travels up the tree.

The slug reaches the top and joins with some other slug slime molds (not join in the sense of bonding together)

The camera does the fly through trees type shot as explained (probably not that clearly) in the previous story board.

Finishing with a close up of the tip of one fruited body
and it releasing its spores into the forest

I just scribbled two alternate ways of releasing spores on the side.
the left one showing the bubble exploding
the right one showing a spore breaking apart from the bubble like a rain drop.

I know these are probably the worst drawing you seen from me in a long while but I just had to get my ideas out before I forget them. I expect to finalise them over the weekend.

I thought I would post this video that shows how the slug like slime mold moves. It shows lots of dots swimming about inside the body. Jackie was the one that found it though.

Lastly I thought I would post my thoughts on the Fantastic Voyage (1966)

I thought it a mildly enjoyable film although simple in plot. A definitely watch once only film for me. Although I do admire the the effects and imagery. They may be cheep by today's standards but the saturated colours used inside the body gave it a rather 'stage play' feel to it, and just like most science videos I've seen, they don't skimp on colour.

The spaces and atmospheres did feel cave like and claustrophobic in a spacious sort of way. However, like Phil said about the plot, it was one disaster after another and I couldn't help but think that these delays were more irritating than entertaining.

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  1. Hey Ethan, your thumbnails are great - because they're doing their job - visualising your ideas; there'll be opportunities for polishing as you further refine your scenario and strategy - very encouraging stuff!