Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Target Audience and a question for Phil

I had more or less decided that I would be targeting my audience to undergraduates as I wanted to create something reasonably sophisticated (as long as I have the time to do it!), but having seen that a few people have chosen GCSE as an audience, I was then thinking that, what I was thinking of, could match to that age group as well.

So I was wondering whether something aimed at 16+ would be what I'm aiming for as this would probably be understood by GCSE students. But anyway, that's what market research is for.

And so this is what I've been searching for.

I have found some cg animations of all sorts of blood cells, cells and other microscopic stuff. With imagery similar to the stuff seen in Fantastic Voyage what we watched today. Unfortunately I haven't found anything specific to slime mold (or any of the 4 topics) and I'm not sure I will as it's pretty specific.

I feel that I want to end up with an animation of similar quality to some of these videos (not total realism but no where near cartoony). Also bearing in mind that I don't want to be explaining any complex scientific stuff in my animation. I'm aiming for the visual experience to show clearly the life cycle of a slime mold. That is, no subtitles or very few (maybe a name or two but nothing heavily descriptive).

Just one important question. What do you mean by "not generic". Because I would have thought that undergraduates would be wanting to see technical accuracy (generic?) and GCSE would be looking for a more stylised approach and then characterised for junior school.


  1. Evening Ethan - I think your head is in the right place on all these issues; my use of the word 'generic' and suggestion that students avoid being so was me saying 'ensure your art direction is dynamic and impactful' - ensure your staging and use of space/camera/shots etc. is dynamic and impactful - it's my way of saying 'be amazing!'

    I notice you use the word 'unfortunately' to describe the absence of slime mold vids - this is a GOOD thing - it means you get to innovate! Go enjoy yourself - (I think you're going to!)!

  2. Oh yeah - please complete the survey for me! If you have already, let me know and I'll strike you from the list!

  3. Hahaha ! See, I told you he would come and find you ! :)