Monday, 15 March 2010

Need Feedback on Story Idea Please

Please could I get some feedback on my story Idea before I go much further. In the meantime I will finish storyboarding it in rough. My story is here.

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  1. Evening Ethan,

    Regarding your story idea, it seems a bit confused to me in one way - or should that be 'cluttered'? :-) I really like the idea of the standard lamp being rather sniffy about it's surroundings; I was wondering if it would make more sense for the lamp to be in somekind of junkshop or charity shop - discovering itself there after a house clearance or similar - it could start with it turning its light on and discovering its new surroundings to much displeasure; somehow that is quicker to establish than it being in a very messy domestic space; what you need to better resolve is the lamp's come-uppance - somehow, in it's desire to be better - it ends up worse (pride going before a fall and all that). The idea of it edging away and pulling out it's own plug is nice... I wonder if there's a variation on this you could create...

    Only not so poignant, rather more 'ha-ha'?