Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Complete story board for first idea

Here are the complete rough storyboards of my first idea.

I've read Phil's comment but this storyboard is the same story as before, just boarded in its entirety. I agree that this isn't a final idea and still needs work. I disagree that it would be any better to set the story in a junk shop or charity shop. How I'm imagining the beginning, wouldn't be any different if it was in a junk shop or charity shop. In fact, since it is set at night (I want it to be pitch black when the lights go out), there wouldn't be any person in a shop. I agree that the standard lamp needs a better reason for wanting to have the better lamp shade. That could be fixed by having other lamps that are inferior but perhaps having some competition with one other lamp or light of some form. Although im not suggesting having another lamp coming to life.
My next plan is to take the best bits from this idea and come up with something better to go with it. Any more comments would be appreciated.

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