Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Ideas

I was doing some quick sketches, well... at least a quick sketch and though that if I gave my standard lamp lots of tassels, I could almost give it eye brows, which would, I think be a good way of showing its emotion.

Although I wont really find that out until I put that to the test.
This is just a quick sketch of the room its in.

It was from this that I decided to start a rough storyboard.

Starting with a black screen, you can here the standard lamp being sold.
The film starts in a room (of the new owner).

This is as far as I have got with the story.

I was looking at the story board and I new that I wanted the room to be far more cluttered so I looked up some pictures of hoarders with rooms full of junk. I particularly liked the picture with all the stacked books precariously balanced on a coffee table.

I've drawn another room, incorporating more clutter, using the images as reference.

Looking at this I suddenly got an idea. The cable for the standard lamp could be plugged in and as it is looking around the room in disgust, it could (unaware to the standard lamp, but not to the audience) get its cable wrapped around all the piles of junk.

Going back to the original story, where the standard lamp is after the new hat/lampshade, he then sees the amazing new hat/lampshade and wants it.

The standard lamp is a meter away, when the cable has reached its end. It tugs on the cable a few times, when suddenly everything comes crashing down around it.

Or with a slightly alternate ending, the plug could also come out of the wall at the same time, and the light goes out, and the audience could just hear everything come crashing down.

The last part of the story is the owner coming into the room and switching the lamp on and replacing a broken lampshade with the new lampshade which the standard lamp wanted in the first place. ( don't intend on the audience seeing the owner, except maybe his hands and feet.)

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  1. That pile of books reminds me of Baggins bookshop in Rochester.... I remember it looking like that about 15 years ago... wonder if it still like that.