Wednesday, 3 February 2010

yet another Idea... well half anyway

Since Phil said that I do not have to stick so rigidly to the story components, I have come up with yet another Idea... well half anyway.

my new Idea starts in a theater at night, with a new employee. A cleaner. he sees a trapeze set up on stage and just couldn't resist, swinging on them. Unfortunately, being no expert, he falls off almost immediately, and crashes through the floor of the stage and into an underground room. where lots of props and junk is stored. Hearing a lot of noise the old moody night guard decides to investigate. The cleaner needs to escape quickly. having realised that he has left his keys in his jacket, (which he took off when he climbed the trapeze) he panics. sees a swiss army knife amongst the junk.

from here there are various options. (my other ideas could be merged with this one... somehow)

whether he eventually escapes,

whether he is caught and presumably fired,

is there a reason why he is a new employee. (in a long line of cleaners which something has happened to(whats the night guard up to, why is he so moody))

I watched Casino Royale last night and have been writing my essay this morning. But this time, relying more on books and all the rest of the necessary research stuff. I'm writing the research part of the essay first, before putting it into context with Casino Royale. This is soI dont get carried away, talking about Casino Royale.


  1. Hey Ethan, you mentioned before during the reading week you were reading the book Prepare to board! Is this your own book or did you rent it from the library. Also im liking the new idea, why is the night guard so mooody :)

  2. I got that book from the library... well... Jakie got it out for me to read.

    And I don't know why the night guard might be moody. I just decided that...

    He doesn't have to be though

  3. Have a think why the guard is so moody - it might be important!