Tuesday, 2 February 2010

La Jetee

La Jettee is a film that is completely comprised of still images (exept for one tiny bit of film where she opens her eyes) Im not sure if this is sygnificant.
It is a story about a man who is used in experiments to travel through time. The reason for these experiments are because World War Three destroys Paris and the rest of the world. The scientist aim to travel through time to find a way of fixing the present.
The characters wernt given names. this may have been because, to the scientists, the names of the people experimented on are irrelivant. They are only lab rats.
Although at first, it seemed like I was listening to an audio book, I got used to seeing the still images andcould see how similar it looks to storyboards. I also saw how they never crossed the line of action by keeping charcters on one side or the other. They used mostly quick cuts but they used reasonably slow disolves across images when the woman is in bed which lead very well into the small portion of footage.

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