Monday, 1 February 2010

More reading, more Ideas

::::EDIT:::: Oh... I've just read your comments Phil. I wasn't quite sure how strict we had to be with our story components. Im going to sleep on some ideas...

I actually started looking at some books during reading week. One of the books was on story boarding. it is called

Prepare to Board! Creating Story and Characters for Animated Features and shorts, by Nancy Beiman.

Ive done storyboards in the past and have usually been flat scribbles, this books goes over a lot on good composition of shots. The other book, which I have looked through today is called

The Art of Watching Films, by Joseph M. Boggs and Dennis W. Petrie.

I've started marking pages which I think are going to be relevant to my essay.

I've had some more thoughts on my story.

I actually sort of had a back story with my previous idea, (with the flashbacks) but to fill in with more detail, lets say that this trapeze artist was fired from the circus because he accidentally dropped one of his fellow trapeze artists.

So lets say he's wandering around aimlessly in his costume carrying his Swiss army knife. With nowhere to stay, he breaks into a cellar (from an outside entrance using his Swiss army knife). He realises that he has entered a wine cellar, and starts drinking the wine.

He doesn't drink very much when suddenly he knocks over a bottle, he hears footsteps from above, getting louder.
He tries to escape, but the way he came in has shut on itself, so he gets his Swiss army knife out, searching for the right attachment (like someone looking for the right keys), he drops it and it falls down a drain. He grabs the knife, but gets his hand stuck. The other guy come through the door and he gets whacked around the head with a drain lid thingy (or whatever you would call them).

That's about as far as I'd got. Also note that all those separate paragraphs were thought up in a mixed up order, and were just separate ideas. They seemed to match up pretty well so I strung them together. These aren't final ideas, just getting them out of my head.

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  1. Hi Ethan! Well done for getting these ideas out of your head and on to 'paper' ! I think this lastest idea with the drain has lost a bit from your first idea, as it doesn't really rely on the trapeze artist being a trapeze artist - it could be anyone with their hand stuck in the drain! In your first idea, you at least had him swinging, which then showed that he had been a trapeze artist...