Monday, 22 February 2010

Rope (1948) and some other stuff

I thoroughly enjoyed Rope. The film was done in 10 minute takes although they tried to disguise this carefully. To be honest, I rarely noticed the lack of cuts in this movie and was kept entertained throughout. Rope (1948) was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Because the were no visible cuts, the film was presented in real time. We the audience were experiencing the events as the characters were. Although, I think time was compressed. I don't know whether anyone else noticed that the city backdrop changed from day time (afternoon) to night time. When Rupert came back to the apartment, and Phillip was getting more stressed, the red and green neon lights started flashing brightly and changed the atmosphere of the the room. I don't know whether that was intentional. It probably was though. This film was experimental, but I think it was a success. Rotten Tomatoes said in their review that Hitchcock felt a whodunit lacked 'emotional force' and that "ROPE shows the director's preference for letting the audience know more than the characters onscreen". This story certainly wouldn't have worked unless we knew "whodunit" and where the body was kept.

Completely changing the subject.

I have some sketches of the backgrounds in the storyboards. My intention is to use these images to trace over in Photoshop and can be cropped for the story board, but animated slightly (simple camera movement) for the animatc sequence. As I haven't finished my character yet, at least I can start on some of the other things.

I had a bit of trouble with perspective on this one and isn't technically accurate but it clearly shows one the angles needed in my story board. Horizon line could have been a bit lower though.

There is a shot in my story board where the camera is looking right over the hole into the cellar. This was a shot a may end up taking out.

Here is the same street from the side. ( just imagine the rest of the shops, they will be in the final story boards)

And here is the cellar. with the crates conveniently forming a staircase up to the light.

I have drawn my character both Fat and thin, next to each other. The fat version having scruffier hair. The arms on the thin vesion are a bit like a string of sausages and could be improved. I also need to focus on the face more and colour them.

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  1. Poor trapeze artist... you've really captured his melancholy in the 'after' image of him - good - and this is a very comprehensive post - another 'good' - and 'good' too that you enjoyed Rope - I think all the flashing of the neon etc are all hallmarks of how expressionist this film is at heart.