Saturday, 20 February 2010

More Drawings

I have done some more sketching, both developing character and just a bit of general practicing. (mostly with hands)

I started with the drawing on the left. Gradually getting more shape.

And know I have this shape. very similar, but I think slightly better. A few other scribbles, trying to pose him differently. (and failing)

Here is my character about to throw a knife. The one on the right was drawn first and looks more like hes waving. The left one at least looks like hes standing.

I tried to picture him with his basic outfit (although not much detail) and also thin as well. OK so the thin ones don't really show much...

Mostly practicing hands although the scribbles in the middle are supposed to be the trapeze artist just getting out of the cellar. Those aren't really any better than the original storyboards.

I think I'm finally getting to grips with hands know.

I know this looks like someone talking on the phone but actually he is supposed to be examining the swiss army knife. The one labeled 3 probably shows this the clearest.

I was trying to show the movement of him throwing a knife. That needs some work.

Here I have drawn my character walking forwards. I think they've come out reasonably well. (certainly compared to some of the earlier scribbles)

And another look at the hand. These are some of the shots that are in the first storyboard.

The last one is just brining together some of the ideas and I think it has improved quite a lot since the beginning.

I think I need to get started on my story boards very soon. I also need to experiment with colour. My character (as you can see) is a lot less tall, has a soft triangular shaped body with reasonably long but thin deflated arms and legs. This is because all his weight has been added to his tummy and hasn't had much exercise!

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  1. Hey Ethan - it certainly looks as if a bit of application and sticking power is paying off - some of these drawings are developing 'character' and charm, so keep at it, as the improvements are obvious - as much to you as everyone else (which, of course, is the point!).