Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Psycho (1960)

Psycho (1960) was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This is one of those films that everybody has heard of, even if they haven't seen it. Ive also heard a lot about this legendary shower scene too but I still watched the film, not knowing what to expect. This is the first time I have seen this film and I enjoyed It. It actually surprised me twice. I wasn't expecting (who I thought was the main character) to be killed off so soon. I also didn't see the twist and the end coming. I did suspect the Norman Bates would be the murderer at first, just by the delay when picking the room 1 key, but then assumed it was the mother when she attacked the inspector on the stairs. I never thought for a moment that they were the same.

Like all films today, there was a lot of editing. Certainly if you compare it to Rope (1948). Focusing on the shower scene which everyone talks about, with many cuts, they were able to show a brutal murder without really showing much at all.

Where the camera showed something going on in the back ground (the killer, creeping up behind the shower curtain) reminds me of something similarly used in the Doctor Who episode, the Waters of Mars. Where the contaminated human transforms into the... er... water monster thingy, (I don't think they had a name) while the character in front is unaware. These are two examples of where the audience is shown more over the focused actor.

After looking around Youtube I've realised just how exact of a remake the 1998 Psycho was. Not only is it shot the same but even the intro is the same with the same music. I wounder if it would have been easier to colourise the original because that appears to be the only real difference. (apart from different actors) Talking about music, the music in the shower scene, I'm sure I've heard a million times.

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