Sunday, 7 February 2010

Prapare for the most poinless conversation ever...

Prepare for the most pointless conversation ever...

OK, I had a go at (the homework on) creating a conversation scene, using the pre vis characters.
I've noticed in films that when you have close ups on the face they show just under the chin to the eye brows... leaving the hair just off camera. I will be quite honest that although I didn't use the thirds guide on the camera, I did spend a lot of time positioning the cameras. I've taken care in making sure the important stuff is kept within the safety margins too. Like the text. Not that that really matters for such a simple test. (Apologies if the text goes to fast)

I just couldn't resist animating another bouncing ball. (when you don't know how to rig and animate complete human like characters, its the next best thing). Anyway, this time I've gone a bit further. Not only is it bouncing up and down, but also along too. I've also applied a checkered texture to it as I've also animated it rotating. And that brought its own problem. How do you animate it squashing on every bounce if it is rotating all the time. Simple. You create a rig in which you can also animate the orientation of the squash. As represented in the PlayBlast as a circle handle. (you may need to full screen the video) Notice how it moves to counteract the rotation of the ball. I presume we will be shown how to do something similar (but likely to be different) next Friday.
This rig isn't perfect though. It would be better if when it came to moving the position at which it squashes, it could be translated through the ball instead of rotating it around the ball. (as this causes some weird looking effects) Hmmm. Its a bit tricky to explain but I hope that makes sense and it would be better if shown.

Again, its cartoony looking, with over exaggerated stretching.


  1. I'm tryna get the Maya work out the way too, funny conversation, the ball animation's cool aswell, reminds me of how a slinky moves, well the bit at the start anyway

  2. That conversation is hilarious! :)

  3. Very nice Ethan, good pacing I thought with regards to your text

  4. the last sentence made it all work :D

  5. Ethan - you made me laugh OUT LOUD!