Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Idea

I have a new idea

There is this trapeze artist who cant do his act anymore because he is too fat. (he cant swing around)

Anyway... Hes wandering down a path, thinking of when he was in the circus on the trapeze, when he suddenly falls into a cellar, under a knife shop, through a hatch on the path. (the weight was too much)

He lands onto some crates and rolls off them.

He tries to get out by climbing on top of the crates then swinging on one of the dangling lights (as if on a trapeze).
He takes a few swings and SNAP

It breaks and he fall back down again.

He sees several swiss army knives

He has an idea
He starts throwing them against the wall, to form a ladder. then climbs up.

He escapes... hooray....... he suddenly gets an idea.

Back at the circus, he has a new act, throwing knives with pin point accuracy.

He gets a brave volunteer from the audience. and throws the knives around the volunteer, until he accidentally hits him.

Cuts back to the street.... and is seen walking sadly along the same path where he falls down the same hole....... completely ignoring the warning sign that had been put up.

The End.

Maybe the part from the knife thrower accidentally stabbing the volunteer and onwards, isn't really necessary as it already has a nice resolution from him getting his new act. And the fact I only have a minute.

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  1. Thank goodness for the 'lightbulb moment' ! Now to get busy with the character design and storyboarding!