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This is my initial research on Romanticism.

This is a quote from

"Changes in society, beginning in the 18th century and continuing into our own time, underlie the romantic movement. It starts as a reaction against the intellectualism of the Enlightenment, against the rigidity of social structures protecting privilege, and against the materialism of an age which, in the first stirring of the Industrial Revolution, already shows signs of making workers the slaves of machinery and of creating squalid urban environments."

Basically, Romanticism is a movement which began in the 18th century. It was a reaction to the changes in society, starting with the industrial revolution. People were being forced to live in a new industrialized way, but the romanticist where trying to bring back something from the past.

Romanticists used poems and art to get their message across.
This message was all about nature. I have found and looked at Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth who were both poets. Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote To Nature

It may indeed be fantasy when I
Essay to draw from all created things
Deep, heartfelt, inward joy that closely clings;
And trace in leaves and flowers that round me lie
Lessons of love and earnest piety.
So let it be; and if the wide world rings
In mock of this belief, it brings
Nor fear, nor grief, nor vain perplexity.
So will I build my altar in the fields,
And the blue sky my fretted dome shall be,
And the sweet fragrance that the wild flower yields
Shall be the incense I will yield to Thee,
Thee only God! and thou shalt not despise
Even me, the priest of this poor sacrifice.


William Wordsworth certainly gave you many words indeed in his poems. so much that I am only providing an extract from Tintern Abbey.

Lines Written A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting The Banks of the Wye During A Tour, July 13, 1798.

Once again
Do I behold these steep and lofty cliffs,
Which on a wild secluded scene impress
Thoughts of more deep seclusion; and connect
The landscape with the quiet of the sky.
The day is come when I again repose
Here, under this dark sycamore, and view
These plots of cottage-ground, these orchard-tufts,
Which, at this season, with their unripe fruits,
Among the woods and copses lose themselves,
Nor, with their green and simple hue, disturb
The wild green landscape. Once again I see
These hedge-rows, hardly hedge-rows, little lines
Of sportive wood run wild;

These poems both talk about nature in a Romantic way.

Then there are many artists. Two of them are John Constable and William Turner.

This was painted by John Constable.

The Salisbury Cathedral

This was painted by William Turner.

Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps

Both these images show nature, but the first is very English, the second is epic.

Thats all I've done so far, on behalf of Pipeline4. (Thats the team name)

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