Friday, 5 February 2010

Bouncy Ball

Today in the Pre-Vis lesson, we were given the task of animating a bouncing ball. Although sounding so simple, it actually covers all the very basics of animation. It is actually quite tricky to get right and requires a lot of tweaking. Anyway, I had a go, following the way we were shown. This particular attempt has come out very bloby, sticky and cartoony. It starts off in the air and falls. As it falls, it stretches and on contact, it squishes and bounces up again. The curve for the translate Y is reasonably spiky but works as it gives it a cartoony feel to it. If the drop off wasn't so sudden and there was less stretching, it should act closer to a real bouncing ball. I supose it depends on what you're after really. I don't know why I'm telling you this, when you could just watch it...

Hmm. Youtube seems to make it look more jerky...

I might have a go at making it bounce differently over the weekend.


  1. Hi Ethan! Just a reminder that your 'team' needs to sort out a name and email it to Phil... drop Bob (Alpha/Omega) and Chris a line and see what ideas you can come up with! I have not heard back from Phil yet about Dave's blog, so don't worry about him at the moment...hope you are having a good weekend!