Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year... With a New Idea

Happy new year!!!

I've made quite a drastic change to what my previous idea was but I decided that I was just going around in circles with mirrors and setting my scene in a dining room just wasn't working for me.

My new idea is to set my scene in a shop window looking out, into the street at night. This idea has been floating around in my head for a few days now and has evolved from other slight variations such as a scene looking into a shop through a window and changing the various types of shops I might set my scene at.

I wont say what type of shop I've picked yet until I've got some sketches and digital concepts, painted. In fact, it may not even be necessary to specify anyway.

Just to describe the mood of the picture I'm imagining, its going to be a dark, damp (but not raining) evening with that orange type of glow you get from street lamps, and inside the shop window, it will feel cold and abandoned.

hmmm... perhaps I should paint it rather that describe it... after all, it is an art course.


  1. Penultimate paragraph reminds of Sisters of Mercy..... the tone you're grasping for is sodium glare... and particuarly English in tone.

  2. Hi Ethan! Happy New Year to you too!
    This sounds interesting - looking forward to seeing some sketches over the next few days! :)

  3. ...Also, get out with your camera (if you are not snowed in!) and get some images of how the street lights reflect off different surfaces. Have a good look at shop windows for ideas for text, signage etc... although saying that, I think you might find that a lot of shops these days have security shutters over the windows - a sign of the times! :(