Friday, 8 January 2010

Reference Images of Streets and Street Lamps

I have started working in Photoshop to create a my scene although haven't got very far because of the lack of reference images so since its rather difficult to get anywhere at the moment. I've searched the internet and found some images which show exactly the type of lighting I'm after. There are also some pictures of different styles of lamp posts. I want have something to model in Maya while still working on the design of the street and since they are a necessity, it only makes sense to start the small things (such as the lamp posts) now to lighten the load of modeling later on.
I still need better images of the buildings in streets.
I took the last photo myself.

This is exactly the sort of lighting I want in my scene.


  1. Hmmm... is that lego?! (At least there's no dalek lurking in the background!) :)

  2. Hi Ethan,

    Well I'm back at last - and it's good to see you're chasing down your visual references - it's really the only way to solve aesthetic problems! My real reason for posting a comment is that I've only just watched the Doctor Who Christmas special... and while I found some of the writing/plot developments very frustrating (too rushed!), I thought from a character point of view, it was hugely satisfying - I will admit to having a tear in my eye on more than one occasion! The spaceship/missile sequence was sooooo borrowed from Starwars (but was great fun) and the Doctor's 'death-from-radiation' was a steal from Spock's death in Star Trek 2, but the idea that he sacrificed his life for an old man was very beautiful and very 'Doctor Who'... and your thoughts?

    Meanwhile - how is the project coming along? Looking forward to seeing the most recent developments... I see you've left the mirrors behind - sometimes, knowing when to jump tracks is a good thing when the juices aren't flowing... see you soon!

    Ps - The Doctor: "I don't want to go..." (Sob!)