Friday, 13 November 2009

A Few More Paintings and Maya

Today I've done two more paintings, one of the house and one of the pit. I spent much more time on the house as you can probably see. I spent ages just drawing all the highlights on the trees and am happy with them. Again like the last, I've made this image very dark and creepy.

The pit was done quickly (starting to loose enthusiasm in painting) but shows sort of what I imagined it to look like. This image does show a lot of movement, probably too much but the angle of the camera really focuses on the pendulum and the pit, more than my other images. I've really focused on the house more than the pit today.

I also found this other image that I done and forgotten to upload, of the house. I think theres definitely an improvement in lighting but something the lacks in all the paintings Ive done is texture.

Here is the house done in Maya so far.


  1. Hi Ethan,

    I think the house mightneed atad more research and deveopement to get the desesign spot on. Has Phil mentioned Unheimlich... its is a Freudian concept that translates literally as un-homely... as is used to describe the uncanny... the house is the Haunting was unheimlich in that the home which is traditionally a symbol of safety and domesticity becomes the antagonist and source of terror. Check out Jonny's blog for reference images. Has Phil given you the link for a website concerning abandoned buil;dings? If got grab it off of him.

  2. Hi Ethan, have a look at Jolanta's latest images...then imagine you were looking out of one of her high windows, over the roof.